The Maidan Victims Assistance Center ‘Maidan Family’ is the largest coordination center of various initiatives that have united their efforts to provide long-term help to the families of those who died or were wounded during the protests in Ukraine in 2013-2014. We raise money, coordinate assistance provided to the families of the deceased and medical support for the wounded, maintain a list of the deceased, wounded or missing, and provide financial assistance.

Who Are We?

We strive to unite as many initiatives as possible under one umbrella. In the first month since we were founded, we raised over 50 million UAH in donations from Ukraine and abroad, and worked on attracting major donors. This money is deposited on the account of our partner, Pryirpinnia Community Foundation. We gather information on numerous initiatives in order to coordinate our efforts and make sure that aid is provided evenly to all families.

Together with our partner Euromaidan SOS, we have compiled a database of those who died and were wounded, which takes into account the social status and specific problems of every family. We reviewed and redirected many of the applications for aid that we received to other specialized initiatives, so as to avoid irrational use of the funds donated to us.

All decisions on the amount and form of aid provided by the Center will be made by the Public Expert Council. The Council has already approved the distribution of funds collected on the account of the Pryirpinnia Community Foundation:

1.      60% - one-time payments to the families of the deceased and missing.

2.     20% - long-term assistance to minor children of the deceased.

3.     20%treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded.

Our Сurrent Activities

  • together with other partners we continue working on compiling a complete database of the deceased and injured, including the aid they have already received and estimated future needs;
  • we have made the first payments to the families of the deceased Heroes from the Pryirpinnia Community Foundation account;
  • we are developing a long-term support system for the minor children of the deceased;
  • we are coordinating people, initiatives, organizations that are eager to help and are currently helping;
  • on a weekly basis we are gathering the Medical Expert Board that considers applications from the wounded and decides on the amount of assistance to be provided.

Principles Guiding the Center’s Activities

  • Absolute transparency in the distribution and allocation of donated funds to the victims and their families.
  • Reliability. The Center guarantees that all funds donated to our account will be used efficiently and effectively and awarded to eligible individuals for the intended purposes. This guarantee is provided by the Members of the Board, Public Expert Council, as well as our partners in Ukraine and abroad
  • Efficiency and devotionThe Center was set up by caring volunteers ready to help each Hero of Ukraine. Therefore, they are taking every effort to ensure that the necessary amount of support is provided to everyone who needs it.
  • Independence. The Center does not cooperate with any commercial organizations, political parties or other organizations that may try to influence its activities and/or seek financial benefits. The Center’s partners are equal participants and make decisions collectively.

Board Members


Chairman of the Board; founder of the international marketing company and Daryna Zholdak Foundation

Kateryna Botanova

Director of CSM/ Foundation Center of Contemporary Art

Anastasiya Popsuy

Director of Pryirpinnia Community Foundation

Borys Danevych

Partner at Marchenko Danevych law firm

Anna Gulevska-Chernysh

Director of Ukrainian Grantmakers Forum

Vasylyna Dybailo

Director of “Partnership For Every Child”

Mariya Makovetska

Head of the Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilisation Department of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine

Members of Public Expert Council

Rev. Andriy Nahirniak (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, representative of the Committee of Social Issues of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches), Аnna Onyshchenko (Director of the international audit firm PwC Ukraine), Volodymyr Mzhelskyy (Editor-in-Chief, Channel 5), Valentyna Esypova (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine), Іnna Holovachevа (adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Health), Оlha Herasymyuk (Civic Guard), Yuriy Rachynskyy (Head of the Department of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry in Kyiv), Тetyana Danylenko (Hromadske TV), Kateryna Miasnykova (Executive Director of the Independent Association of Broadcasters of Ukraine), Rostyslav Karandyeev (advisor to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine), Natalya Fedorovych (Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine), Ruslan Kolbasa (Director of the Adoption and Protection of Children’s Rights Department of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine), Аndriy Huk (Medics of Maidan), Іhor Kulchytskyy (son of one of the perished at Maidan), Тetyana Lunyova (mother of one of the wounded at Maidan), Vitaliy Belashev (Deputy of the Chairman of the Board of the finance issues “Posniakyzhylbud”), Oleksandr Iaroshchuk (member of the 3rdsotnia of the Maidan Self-Defense units), Ievgen Ieremenko (member of the 41stsotniaMaidan Self- Defense units).

Financial, Tax and Legal Consultant

PwC Ukraine (PricewaterhouseCoopers)


EY (formerly Ernst&Young)

Center’s Partners

The Maidan Victims Assistance Center ‘Maidan Family’ cooperates closely with more than 10 other initiatives. This allows us to to provide help promptly and more efficiently. Our partners are: Euromaidan SOS, the Pryirpinnia Community Foundation, the Ukrainian Grantmakers Forum, International Renaissance Foundation, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine, international NGO ‘Partnership For Every Child’, Caritas Ukraine, Charitable Foundation ‘Social Partnership’, NGO ‘Civic Guard’, People’s Hospital, Ukrainian Coordination Center of International Aid, Dytyachy Svit (Children’s World) All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund, Civic Initiative ‘Let’s Make Ukraine Clean’ and others.

We actively seek new participants and partners that share our views, goals and methods.